My Design

by Portero

The logos and pictures within this album are all from my old websites. As I have had many past names as a form of psudo in design in order to fit the mood of each website that was set up. Many never know it is in fact me who set them up for that reason. All logo concepts for my old websites are © David George Porter (Portero) I keep them to show my past works and ideas. Please note that "Knight Dragon" is now a void website and no longer on the internet, as everything went over to the Portero website as a copy. "Wolftooth Promotion" is still live and is now a view only website. It is now full up with as much as I could add to it, as you will see should you wish to view. If you can find a link on the pictures and logos within this album, the sites are still live and open to the public. Thank you. :)