Future Man by Portero

Future Man

by Portero in Sci-fi Fantasy

Future Man is the way I see things going for humans. The concept is or may even be true in time. However, not for a few more years yet. I did this working to music from Jean Michel Jarre. Track: Revolutions. However my art video has another great track.

Stocks: Please note that some stocks are now older from the time of upload.

@ http://www.graphicwizardry.byethost4.com/gwgallery/index.php?gallery=Sci-Fi%20Fantasy/Sci-Fi&image=Tina_Robot_girl.png

@ http://www.hdwallpapers.in/walls/galaxy_universe-normal.jpg

World Robot.
@ http://www.graphicwizardry.byethost4.com/gwgallery/index.php?gallery=Sci-Fi%20Fantasy/Sci-Fi&image=robot.png

@ http://www.psdgraphics.com/backgrounds/world-globe-background/

Glow and grid.
@ http://corwinsworld.weebly.com/

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 tool.

In my video Future Man. (Music by Jean Michel Jarre)
@ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HP9izHJ3ldA

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