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My artwork is free to download that is not © copyright. However, I would ask you 'like' and 'fav' my hard work before you do. Should you find or see any of my artwork around with the web address @ http://www.portero.yolasite.com/
please note that the site is now void as of 19/10/2014

My full bio can be found on most of my websites and social links. Thanks for looking.

Please read disclaimer.

Please note that due to the nature of some of my artwork, none of my artwork may be used for profit in any way, and all pictures used in my movie and games albums are my fan edits only. You may download most of my artwork for free and upload with direct links back to my main website and add my name David George Porter as the creator to pictures that are not copyright © You may not crop my artwork or remove my name from pictures. Please do not use, redistribute, modify, clip, or copy any friends or contacts contents in any way from any of my websites without first gaining direct consent.

My main website links are just below.

1) Knight Dragon is my main website I deal with that can also be found right at the top of this page. It is a vast network of fantasy and promotion to movies, music and art set up by myself, and my most epic site of all. If you like fantasy you will love it.

@ http://davidggeorgeporter.wix.com/knight-dragon

2) Wolftooth Promotion is an old sub website I set up to promote Gothic and Industrial Metal bands to help them. All music pages within have official links to websites should you like what you see and if you have the time to view everything. I hope you like what you find.
The site is not Official. However some links within are. It is not for everybody, but you never know what you may find.

@ http://davidggeorgeporter.wix.com/wolftooth-promotion

Sub page 1) Goth & Metal
@ http://davidggeorgeporter.wix.com/wolftooth-promotion-goth-metal

Sub page 2) Industrial
@ http://davidggeorgeporter.wix.com/wolftooth-promotion-industrial

3) David The Vagrant is my small website for all of my photos, travels, nature walks, videos and links to share with anybody who likes to get out and about away from the stress of main city life.

Main website:
@ http://thevagran1.wix.com/david-the-vagrant

YouTube - David The Vagrant
@ http://www.youtube.com/user/DavidTheVagrant

G+ David The Vagrant
@ https://plus.google.com/u/0/115699431962117596428/posts

4) Strange Worlds. (Very strange Sc-fi place to visit)
@ http://davidggeorgeporter.wix.com/strange-worlds

Portero - The Art of Charity Maite Garcia Chandler Memorial
@ http://www.portero-the-art-of-charity.yolasite.com/

My Art video site.

@ https://www.youtube.com/user/DavidGeorgePorter

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David George Porter.
(Artist & Creator)