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Dhaka, Bangladesh

I'm Just a little Soul. Not lost, Just Undiscovered YET
I am not who I once was, Yet Neither am I who I will BEcome.

I Know a Bit About Photography, "Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film or card is captured forever" ...
it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

A photograph is more than just to bring or send its a work of art that makes you smile in the end. Cameras are not just tools to a photographer to a photographer its a tool that will last forever.

Photography is their way of life to keep there passion flowing its a passion to take a memory and keep it going. Photos are the memories that they want to keep they are the ones that rest inside their heart deep.

Having a great shot is to have the skill to make it last taking photos to have the memories of the future present and past - With My camera I know we will never be foes
Cause I'm in love with photos.

The flash from the camera captures a moment
The true essence beyond the angled illusion of what appears
I etch for that shot to describe it all
Zooming in to focus on the minute details
Leaving out all else
Both the pureness and innocence of the world are shown
Deepest darkness and shameful regrets are pointed out
Illuminated feelings flowing out in bursts
Allowing you to escape and experience another life entirely
Thoughts are displayed that might not have been thought originally
Diverting your attention to something profound in its simplicity
A tiny piece of how to view this world
Another new perspective to peruse
Brilliantly exposing the unexposed with uncanny ingenuity.

Life is like taking photographs. We often pose the way we wanna be seen by others, but sometimes because of stolen shots, it captures who we really are.

My work exists in that space between dreams and waking, those split seconds when a person has a foot in both worlds. Light like the first rays of twilight filtering through a curtain when even the dust seems to glitter with some sort of hidden purpose or meaning.

You can Think those Information's are Around me so you can say This is me or About me.