Hide and seek by Piotr

Hide and seek

by Piotr in Close-ups

playing Hide and seek.

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  • Submitted:May 18th, 2011
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  • Dynnnad


    That's a really nice capture!! :D

    May 27th, 2011 Reply
  • Meutia


    Stunning composition and focus :heart

    and allow me to give story to this picture :D
    "Go, go, hurry, go on inside!" said the first insect.
    "Hang on, it's not that easy to go in, the whole is very narrow. Wait, urgh..urgh.. Ok I am in!" the second insect was safely in the hole now.
    "5...6...7...8... Guys, have you all find place to hide?"
    "NOT YET!"
    "Come on, jump in!" said the second insect to the first one.
    "You know what, we should find another place to hide," said the first one with skeptical tone.
    "Why? This is the perfect place to hide! She won't find us."
    "Look at around us!! We're all hiding in the same place!!"

    It turned out that most of insects that were playing hide and seek decided to hide in the same tree hole. Of course that's a very easy place to be found out, because it's very crowded and in a minute they would make a very noisy sound.

    May 18th, 2011 Reply
    • Meutia


      revision : it should be the "hole" not "whole" stupid me!

      May 20th, 2011 Reply