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Mielec, Poland

Welcome Everyone!

My name is Piotr. I am an amateur photographer from Poland. My greatest passion at this time is taking pictures of all my surroundings. Mostly I love to capture people and a many nature’s little wonders. I am always experimenting with different techniques and therefore I am constantly learning how to improve my craft.

In this portfolio you will find some samples of my work. Please, feel free to look around but kindly do not use any of my photos without my permission. You are welcome to e-mail me with your comments and questions.

Every photo in my gallery are under my copyright and cannot be used in any way unless you have my written permission. they cannot be posted on other websites, blogs etc. You cannot modify or use them as stock and you cannot sell them ! IF i find my art being used illegally, i will use legal action.
Please don’t steal somebody’s art, make your own, be creative :)
Thank You.

PS. Please forgive me my terrible english, I'm from Poland and still learning :) Also please forgive me for not responding to everyone quickly. But really I want to thank you all for nice words and support. It means much to me.

Hugs from Poland