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So yea... I am sans my right foot!
(edit: This was taken in a mirror! I'm positive I'm missing my right foot, not the left.)

My story - I was born with a few minor deformities of my right foot/leg. Most importantly: my right leg was shorter than the left. Over 18 years of having to walk on my tiptoes (I tried all kinds of other things... braces, lifts on my shoes, surgeries, etc), my foot became more deformed (my heel was no longer on the ground, but located a few inches upward) and it, along with the whole leg, was weak. The discrepancy also caused me lots of backpain. So... I had my foot amputated in June 2007. A hard decision, but something had to be done. Now I use a prosthetic foot to get around. Though... I can be found hopping around my house when I'm feeling particularly lazy. :p So far, my prosthesis has served me well. However, like I mentioned, my whole right leg is weak. Especially my knee. So one of these days, I'll have another amputation after which I'll procure another pretty photo for you guys. :)

The following is a silly article I wrote some time ago on why it's awesome to be an amputee:


1. Handicap parking.
People may glare at me when I get out of the car because, at first glance, nobody can tell I'm not some lazy teenager stealing my grandmother's handicap placard, but nobody has ever said anything. I'm just waiting for that so I can rip my leg off and show them what's up.

2. Get people to do stuff for you.
"I can't sit on the floor, get me a chair!" "I don't wanna put my 'leg' on, get me some water!" Okay... so I don't really bark orders at people. In general, people that know of my handicap, try to make it easy on me and help me without my asking. And I appreciate it!

3. Personal Safety Device.
Imagine someone trying to mug me and I start whacking them with my leg.

4. Conversation starter.
When meeting someone new or trying to re-start a conversation, this always works:
Person1: .....
Me: *Take of my leg*
Person1: Ahhh! ... Wow! That's neat! How'd that happen?
BAM! I just made a new friend. Though I do have to be careful not to freak people out because sometimes people are sensitive.

5. Wheelchairs.
Rolling around, getting pushed around, using those electric scooters... need I say more?

6. Shorter lines at Disneyland.
Yes, there are separate handicap lines for all the rides at Disneyland. And my whole party gets to come with me and bypass the 1 or 2 hour wait.

7. My socks last forever.
I only need one sock a day, so that's the double the socks! And now I can put to use all those that don't have a match.

8. The cool stories.
Now, telling people the same ol' story gets boring, "Yea, I was born with one leg shorter than t... blah blah blah". Insteaaad, why not make up some crazy adventure! Like getting mauled by a bear in the woods, swimming in the ocean and a shark bit off my leg, etc. Just think of the possibilities!

By the way, I'm not trying to offend anyone. Just trying to be a bit humorous. I certainly don't get offended when people make jokes about my amputation! I rather laugh about it than get depressed over it. I'm very thankful for what I've been given. :)



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