Old sled by the field by Pasila

Old sled by the field

by Pasila in Digital paint

Painter 12 "real watercolors"... Reference photo from my grandfather's backyard used for sketching color and composition (not cloned)...

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  • wulff-arts


    Great watercolor!

    Oct 12th Reply
  • Pasila


    Just for those who want to know, this types of sleds were used for dragging trees from forest with horses.. (there is also some other stuff piled up) but If I ever get time enough, I wish I could fix it and if I ever get enough money, I wish (and my daughter I suppose) I could get a horse too :).

    Oct 8th Reply
  • Pasila


    I appreciate your comments! Thanks.

    Oct 8th Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    wonderful and nice work

    Oct 7th Reply Subscriber
  • Lucifer


    love this! wonderful work :)

    Oct 7th Reply Who wants a hug?