CEO & Founder •

I am looking to work as a CG and VFX Artist in a competitive enviroment to learn more skills and experience in the 3d field. and to participate in projects to impress people. i would also like to work with a professional team and inside an environment which helps evolution and growth.

2D:-2D sketches and 2D Flash animation and Digital paintings

3D :- Modeling ,UVMapping ,Texturing ,Shading ,Lighting , Rendering ,Rigging(IK, FK and Advance rigging), Dynamics,Composting ...etc.

VFX Artist:- Visual effects ,Cinematic tricks ,Clips ,TV ads ,TV presenters ,Animated 3D logos ... etc.

Programs used:
* Autodesk Maya.
* Mental-Ray.
* Z Brush
* 3ds Max
* V-Ray
* Autocad
* solidworks
* Catia
* Adobe Photoshop.
* Coral
* illustrator
* Adobe Flash
* Next limit Realflow
* Adobe After Effect.
* Nuke.
* Fusion 6
* boujou.

Work experience:
I have been working as a CG artist for over a 3 year now and i didn't have a chance to work inside a company environment , but i have lots of experience handling projects on my own.

* 2D sketches and 2D Flash animation and Digital paintings.
* Full implementation of projects, whether cartoon or ads and others.
* Modeling the most difficult models contain more details (Motorcycles and cars and
mobiles, planes, buildings and other).
* Modeling Cartoon and Organic character and all animals, birds, insects and other.
* UV Mapping, Texture, Shading, lighting, Rendering and Composting by a professional.
* Architectural design of internal and external.
* Rigging with all professional standards (cartoon character, Organic character, Animals, Insects Monsters, aliens, Machines, transformation and other).
* Facial expressions for all the characters.

I m a hard working person and i am just addict of working in deadlines i love to take challenges and beat them by my hard and polished work. they make me better day by day.