Turian sniper by Paladaen

Turian sniper

by Paladaen in Illustrations

Contest entry for microphone's contest.

I seen he wanted a unnamed turian character, he has none yet, so I thought why not? I wanted to try something different than furren characters. It was so much fun and so much pain! I felt like a real n00b, like I was stepping on ice, not knowing if I'll fall or pass through. Really, I never did armor before... it was a pain in the ass to figure out how to make it, but one I started, it turned into so much fun(just the gun, ARGH). I'm actually very pleased with this art.
I apologize for making any mistakes at turian species. I'm not very familiar with them, I used many references (uncle Google). First I thought more about red features since the Bioware's character Garrus has blue features... But microphone loves sapphire, so his character's eyes are sapphire and since the red wouldn't fit, I thought I'd make such similiar blueish colors.
About the concept, first I thought to make him sitting on the roof of a building, maybe with some cityscape in the horizon... But I think he sitting on the rock with just sunset in the horizon fits more. I dunno, I kinda wanted to capture the loneliness of snipers. They are kind of lonely, always ahead or behind the squad, watching out for them...
Oh, and I forgot. I also wanted to make him scarred. Like many scratches on his armor, holes after bullets, damaged parts after battles. Microphone wanted a badass character, I thought it would fit.


PS. Bigger version will follow on my website soon.

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