LOST - Soulseeker by Paladaen

LOST - Soulseeker

by Paladaen in LOST

Another LOST art, which I was calling 'nebulae stupid-ugly-thing' to *Isvoc. Was working on something different, then started this and it was a pain in the butt to be honest.
I was so stupid I couldn't even paint a nebula for like zillions of times. Then I have been kept distracted and it turned out to be a looong piece to work on. Many breaks and distractions.
Generally I was sucking in all my glory.
But I like this piece.
Maxx again, in her beast form.

Not a real story to tell, not right now anyway - maybe tomorrow. Just... It's a real place in my LOST universe, which is considered as one of those holy places. And this nebulae is floating with the steam like a river. You may seek many things and you may find many things there... Souls too.

And thank you very much for all your feedback on my LOST artwork. It means very much to me and I appreciate it.

Recommended - Listen to the "Soulseeker" by Thomas Bergersen (Two Steps From Hell) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AIJ.....ature=youtu.be

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PS. Bigger version as always - available on my website - http://paladaen.com/#/portfolio/

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