LOST - Lost without you by Paladaen

LOST - Lost without you

by Paladaen in LOST

LOST related art, kind of teaser and a personal art as well.
And yes, it expresses like I was feeling lately... I wonder, why most of my personal art looks like.
Actually it was a partial cure for my allblock. It didn't help very much, but at least I can paint again and not just close any Photoshop files. So, the ARTblock is kinda healed, partially, but not other 'blocks'. So, it also means I can paint such stuff.
Bleh. I start writing too much. Need to write more on Tumblr (yes, I created one myself!), not here. Sorry, I don't like babbling here, on the deviation's descriptions, especially more personal, darker thoughts how I feel and such stuff.

It's ketchup. >.>

(c)Paladaen.com - Paladaen's Lair

PS. bigger version will be available at my website (it is Under Construction right now, the website for LOST will follow then as well) and this is my 'innerself' or whatever you'd want to call it
PPS. My tumblr/blog is paladaen.tumblr.com
PP(another P)S. I'm going to bed, I guess. It's 6am here. AND I know I should I be working on last commissions to finish them, finally. But. I can't. I just can't. Not right now. Sorry.

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