LOST - Fill My Heart by Paladaen

LOST - Fill My Heart

by Paladaen in LOST

LOST artwork, which actually started as quick concept sketch at the morning before work and ended up as illustration. Not fully rendered and detailed though, didn't feel the need for more. I never count time spent on painting, but it didn't took longer than 2 days I guess... Or ask Isvoc, she knows better. ; P
This is actually just a tease of my project LOST, on which I finally got to work. Made some concepts so far, nothing serious, just early-stages, concept and design work. I plan to work more, like really more on LOST, therefore I'll try to limit my commissions this year.
By the way, this is my hybrid character, Maxx. Finally designed her and as you see, she changed drastically. But I like her design more than previous ones.

Recommended - Listen to the 'Fill My Heart' by Two Steps From Hell - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rDOUKGSqUY

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PS. Bigger version as always - available on my website - http://paladaen.com/#/portfolio/

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