Duel by PaTXiNaKi


by PaTXiNaKi in Hysteria

Hi everyone!i have been busy with some work these months, but im back with a new contribution for HystericalMinds group called "SUBSTANTIA". This time is a collab between the great Cano and me, he did and incredible work with the lines and i give them color. It has been a pleasure to work along him, and hope there will be more collabs, its so funny to work with.

This time the idea was a duel, a medieval one, u know knights , horses , armors , and princesss.... The glory is only for the winner.It was quite hard for me to make this work, because of the horses and so on, but im happy with the overall result.

Check the whole exibition at our page www.hystericalminds.com and here at shadowness


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