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San Antonio Texas, USA


Patrick Clifford is a native of San Antonio, Texas. Deaf since childhood, Patrick worked most of his adult life in the automobile industry. An unexpected layoff in the summer of 2000 caused him to reevaluate his lifetime goals and, through the auspices of the Texas Rehabilitation Commission, Patrick decided to enroll in a college degree program.

Choosing to pursue a Multi-Media Degree has allowed Patrick to explore avenues of computer graphic art and design and discover an outlet for his artistic talent, which up to now had been limited to digital photography and video.

Patrick’s photography has been published both in magazines and local newspapers many times. His digital art and graphic design work has been used on fourteen CD covers, numerous posters, flyers, promo packs, and for commercial and non-profit organizations.
1999 thru 2004 Wildcardsvideo.com Site was dedicated to original artist, designers, musicians, models and performers from South Texas plus visiting talent. Over 2 million hits in the 4 year of operation. Personal function CEO and Editor
Patrick’s artwork has been selected for exhibition in numerous venues around San Antonio, including the San Antonio Professional Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH juried show at Bismark Studios in the Blue Star Arts Complex with the theme FOTO ELECTRONICA 2003.

Patrick's Artwork was also selected by juried contest to be used on the cover (frt. and back) on a book of poetry by The Laurel Crown Foundation. Dreamcatcher 2006 Awakeing The Sleeping Poet Festival Anthology.
Jan 2013 Churn Magazine Art Staff
May 2013 Churn Magazine Art Director
June 2013 Left Churn to pursue self direction and dedication in art and design work!
Design work shown and Artwork on this site are the property of Patrick Clifford.