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Prague, Czech republic

Hello and thanks for stopping by! :)
I'm just a self taught artist with passion for animals of all kind. Just as most of the artists around tend to say, I've been drawing since wben I was able to hold a crayon which was at about the age of 3. I've grown up mostly drawing dinosaurs and at the age of 10 I fell in love with some of the Disney movies.Thus a funny and interesting mixture of semirealistic animals with cartoony touches started to appear all over my stuff. Pencil case, school books, just everywhere. At the age of 15 I successfully applied for a gymnasium with some minor art lessons, but I've never really studied arts, no. The revolution came a few years later with the internet which was a huge source of inspiration and information for me as well.
After the gymnasium I worked for Cosmopolitan magazine for about a year and then tried my luck at the university. But website programming and multimedia soon got over my head and so I left and found a job at a local advertising agency.
Today I work as a creative designer and animator for a small company creating websites and other things and I really enjoy it.
My great dream is to publish my own art book or at least a calendar or to illustrate a children's book. But with my job I have only a little free time left so I can only hope it will actually happen.