song of the sorrowing harp by Olaf68

song of the sorrowing harp

by Olaf68 in drawings

to short, the story, it's about two sister, a darker older one and a fair younger sister, one day a man came to their land. the older sister envy about how he felt about the younger sister rather then her. She ask her sister to wake along the seashore with her, where she push her sister into the sea where she drowned. Her body wash up to the shore where a harp play fond her. Taken by her beauty and tragic end he pluck three strands of her golden hair and strung them to his harp. than after traveling a bit he when to her fathers castle there the harp began to play and the younger sister's voice telling what happen to her at the seashore and of her sister betrayal
graphite: hb-2b-9b 11x14
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