memories that we behind by Olaf68

memories that we behind

by Olaf68 in drawings

There's a story here. In the conquest of the Americas there live a Spaniard that loved a girl from his native land, Spain. But with the promise of wealth and the chance of a better life for him and his love one; he departed to the America, she wore a mask so that no one can see her beauty and take her form her beloved.
But while in the Americas the Spaniard was trick in to drinking a potion that cause him to forget his beautiful loved one, at home and to marring a lesser beauty, a count's daughter. In hearing of the news, his beloved died on the spot.
But the story is not at all ended. In hearing of the dead of this woman, he remember her as his love and die at the moment of the news. If it was by his own dagger, a broken heart, or by his love one's brother that fallow him to the Americas. We may never know.

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