head in the clouds by Olaf68

head in the clouds

by Olaf68 in drawings

there's a story of a girl. Oh, she was a Romanticist always dreaming of other thing. On the plus side she was the bell of her town, the one by the devil's crolf , reeking for the envy of other girl. But out of most her bestest friend, who was always second in the eyes of courtiers.
So one day her bestest friend told her a story, about if you make a wish, cut off a lock of your hair, the devil well grant you wish. so they went deep into the devil's crolf. There the bestes friend yell out her wish "I wish to be the most beautiful girl wherever I am." then the town's bell cut her hair and the bestest friend throw her lock in the fire. Now it was the bell's turn she yell out her wish, " I wish that my bestest friend well not kill me to night." but her wish did not come true. As for her bestest friend she got her wish in tell a hunt was in the crolf where the bell's spirt told him what had happen to her, so a rumor spread the the bestest friend was a witch that sacrifice her friend so the devil will give her beauty but for the day she was the bell she always want to be.
- story and art by James Svoboda

ball point pen on paper

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