Illustrator •

Barcelona, Spain

Carolina Bensler, born in Barcelona a hot August day in 1987, had a passion for art since the first time she had in her hands a "Plastidecor", using the walls of her bedroom and lots of paper as canvas. From that first time, she knew her life would revolve around the drawings, and her dream was to become a painter.

She coursed Baccaulaureate in Arts with the intention to study Fine Arts after. But due to her love of narrative and storytelling, was leaned to Illustration, much better suited to her needs, obtaining the Advanced Vocational Training Certificate in Illustration in 2010.

Throughout her brief trajectory her work has been published in various media like books, magazines, CD's, videogames, and a large list of events and exhibits; highlighting: "Exotique 7" by Ballistic Publishing (2011), "El Viaje del Polizón" (The Stowaway's Journey) by Mundos Épicos, the cover for the short stories' anthology "Bosques" (Woods) of Calabazas en el Trastero magazine, and a little contribution at "El Arte de Canción de Hielo y Fuego" (The Art of A Song of Ice and Fire) by Ediciones Gigamesh.