AlTARIr... the Assassin! by Novembers-End

AlTARIr... the Assassin!

by Novembers-End in The ART of Ian J. Snyder

This is a commissioned piece I did for a buddy of mine, Eduardo "Tari" Tarilonte.
The task was to draw an Assassin's Creed character with his likeness... hence the reason an ancient Assassin is wearing a pair of hipster glasses! :D

Being a HUGE fan of the AC games personally, this was a very fun piece for me to do. Also, it's probably one of the most detailed pieces I've ever done... that armor was nothing nice, but it's hella beautiful to look at. I can totally understand the amount of work that goes into character design for games and will never under-appreciate it, that's for sure. ;)

He's having me do a couple more of these personal "Fan Art" pieces... so, more on the way!

Hope you all enjoy!

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