Graphic Artist, Concept Design •

London, UK

Ffransis J Morgan.Burthem was Born in 1982 March 10th on a planet called Earth, in the vast stretch of the milky way.

The inner memory, to reconnect the missing links, to our ancestral past, experimenting with visual & sound.

Eye studied Art through Secondary, completing 8 GCSE’s
Studied for 2 Years in Art College as an Interior Designer from 1998, soon dropping out from further education, Eye decided that one has to explore the inner self, before finding the dream.
In 2003 Eye had a realisation, a sort of awakening, with geometry and quantum mechanics.

This then aloud me to explore art again, with an alternative way of studying the formal concept “ART”.

In 2005 the concept developed with intuition and desire to seek more from life and beyond.
The concept became more artistic through time, expressing primarily with ultra violet paint (U.V), to slowly connect with other sources of material and expression.
Using a contemporary design, vision and technic, the work in oneself, is far from the normal concepts perceived, but still unique in the 21st Century as a possible form of Art.

In the years developing a theme, motive and strife, the work now speaks for itself and actually channels feeling that even myself as the painter, does not see at that time. A sense of emotion which is unexplainable or generally felt.

Graduated B-Tec diploma (Interior Design)

A Level graphic Art

A Level Art History

Undergraduate degree in Fine Art