Acrylic Portrait: "Noah" by NekoiX2

Acrylic Portrait: "Noah"

by NekoiX2 in Personal Artwork

First ever completed painting on a stretched canvas. 20"x16" acrylic paint, I see now why people state photos do paintings no justice. You can't see how I made the eyes, lips, and nose glossy, satin textured the fur, nor the simple matte medium mixed for the background. This is a portrait of my sister's blue merle C.K.C. Pomeranian when he was 2 years old.

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  • rishi


    It might not do justice to the texture, but you can still see the amazing amount of detail you managed to put into this portrait. It's strikingly realistic while still keeping a distinctly brushed style. Amazing job!

    Jan 5th, 2012 Reply
    • NekoiX2


      Thank you much, Rishi! I only expect to get better since this coming semester I will be taking Intro. to Painting~♥

      Jan 6th, 2012 Reply