Sucking Too Hard On Your Lollipop by Nefere

Sucking Too Hard On Your Lollipop

by Nefere in OCs

Phew, drawing this took me an entire weekend. I didn't sleep, eat or drink for this picture and I had some spasm in the hand. Ouch.

Here you can see my OC Mikael, who is totally out of character. Usually he's a grump, always with a mean look on his face. I suppose that someone gave him crack. And usually he doesn't look
This was inspired by the song Mika - Lollipop. Oh, what irony. And yes, it's meant to burn your eyes.
Oh, and the catboy in the snowglobe belongs to NotaVerde(dA).

I do not own Hatsune Miku, Pacman or the Nyan Cat.
Buuut I own the artwork and Mikael.

Heh, I don't want my pictures on Facebook >__> I don't even have a FB account.

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