student, amateur artist •

WHV, Germany

Nefere is originally one of my OCs. I never show my real name on the internet, so I use this name.
Actually there's not much to say about me; I'm a totally normal German girl who likes drawing and writing, but I consider myself as an amateur. I'm sorry if you have trouble to understand me, my English isn't perfect. Okay, I'm not that normal at all. I'm childish, love manga&anime and I like to be dumb on purpose.
Since all other art-'communities' were totally screwed up (one site deleted my drawing because it was 'stolen'), I want to try Shadowness. I hope that I don't make any mistakes here. I still have to get used to this site.
You can also find me on DeviantART, but I'm not very active there. The reason...well, you'll find it on DeviantART (same username).
Oh, and please check out my awesome friends Kisoro and Zenzes ~ ♥ (Kisoro only on dA)

I love to roleplay, and I only use my OCs (aka original characters). I got ~100 OCs or more...So, uh, let's stop the random information. If you'd like to chat (or roleplay), feel free to ask me for my Skype.