Dream of Death by Natoli

Dream of Death

by Natoli in Traditional Color

Oookies... this is picture for Rafun1312 done during ExchangeJam (DA) group :)

It requires a few words of explanation :)
I know, the chara gave me to draw is a dark one and dangerous one... but I just couldn't help myself and had to draw this! So, I thought it might be the dream Nyxim is dreaming. Hope she is able to dream BTW xP

Also, lack of background is intentional. I just didn't find any color which could make justice to this picture, so I left it as it is, I think the pure white bg perfectly fits the delicate yet tragic scene :)

The topic:
We had to choose one of two methods of choosing topic for this month. I chose 1. and had to find two things in my environment: one which should be orange, and I took 'candle' and second, which had to be blue and green. Well... I had problems with finding this, so I picked 'pencils' ;)
Then we had to create from each of these words other words (with a website ;) ) and I got 'dance' and 'snipe', then the idea of the dreamy, light and peacefully dancing Nyxim sniped with sharp arrow just popped out and I couldn't make it go away xP

I did the dress like that because I wanted to keep the colors of the things I was supposed to find, so I made her dress beige (light brown/orange, got it? XD) and blue and green ;)

Anyway, hope you like it and hope I didn't go too far from the chara xP

Ink, ecoline

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