Dapple Gray and Stars by Natoli

Dapple Gray and Stars

by Natoli in Traditional Color

Ach, that was a challenge, you know!

This is a commission for one of the professors in my Academy :)
His little niece loves horses, especially mares, these with dapple grey coat ;) And full moon of course :D So, he ordered a picture like that for her birthday ;)

Why was it so big challenge? Because it is A2 size! My first BIG one with watercolors and markers. This is also the cause of poor quality - this is Photoshopped photo of the work. I think as for photo it does good ;)
Also, please, don't say a word about the anatomy xD That was big battle with the commissioner and I had to change A LOT (not always thinking those changes were ok xP)


PS. Did you ever try to paint a dapple cray coat with watercolors?! Hooooly.... if it wasn't been for salt I would probably end drawing each and every 'star' by hand O.o Still many of them had to be drawn with white gelpen xP

Ink, ecoline, markers, white gelpen on A3 bristol board (BTW I will have to look for something better for watercolors when it comes to bigger sizes :/ )

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