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Victorville, California

My name is Sharra and I am adopted. I live in a beautiful home with a wonderful family! I love PANDAS and the color TEAL. I have a Facebook. I rarely go on my Myspace. I am super addicted to Gaia and anime/manga. I love Writing, Drawing, Singing, and Dancing! I some what like to read. I am a very happy, optimistic, bubbly, blonde who farts rainbows! Some other personality traits I have are Positive, fun, funny, caring, loving, lazy, artistic, wise, honest, and nice. I think of myself as a beautiful goddess with golden blonde curls and eyes that shine like the sea in the moonlight. I love a lot of things; especially, Pokemon, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, Yaoi, Rainbows, and life! I love a lot more things, but trust me if I keep on going your head would fill with so much love and happiness if you were cut you would bleed rainbows. I dislike, Liars, Two faces, meanies, Snooty M'c Booties, Pain, Annoyance, Screemo, History, Pizza, Beans, Onions. I am very clumsy and prone to get hurt. I have butter fingers and very forgetful. I have a pink blob for a room. Some of my hobbies are, Talking, watching clouds/stars, dancing in the rain, Having fun, and stuff to do with my artistic talents. Some habits I have are, Getting in trouble, disappointing people, Nibbling on something, and having something on my head. I am deathly afraid of, The dark, scary movies, Elevators, bugs, and tight spaces. I cry when, I'm in the dark, Having to take cold showers, and being extremely bored. I wish, I could fly, own a cat, Talk to animals, Teleport, and breath under water. If I could have a super power it would be able to reach into the T.V. and pull out whatever is on and for it to be life sized and control it. I also love cats! I have two dogs; one is a Chiwawa names, Zorro, and another is named Cillie. They are all wonderful KILLING MACHINES! (Jk..Hopefully) I plan to own a cat and a horse. I am punk, but I am colorful. I have a lot of friends and maybe you can be one of them too! Oh ya, the picture at the top is me. I love candy! I always quest for art. So PM me! Maybe I'll buy! (If I have money) I love to Role play. I am very lazy. Don't be a perv because I am not stupid. Be a dear and comment me on something random. I love watching Naruto, that was the show that got me into anime. I love cos playing and dressing up! Yes, I will always be a kid at heart~ ♥ My life was basically screwed since I was born, but hey I love my life and I WILL make ways to get through it and be happy and content.