Text Effects With The Tutorials

by MrsHDixon

There are some amazing text tutorials all over the internet and these are some of my favorites that I followed and finished.~My final results will usually not be exact ,as I add little extras to make them more personal for myself or clients by adding a little extra outside ....frames,extra words,but nothing that would be confusing to you if you follow the tutorials.:) ~ I will also link to the sites where the tutorials are located. Some are harder then others and take some time,but I am so glad I followed and learned through these text effects...some are 3D and some are not. Some are video and some are text to read along and follow. Just an amazing array of text tutorials that I enjoyed following along with and recreating. So jump in whoever wants to and have fun. :) Special thanks go to,Fontsquirrel,PSDTUTS+,Howard Pinsky and many others that make these tutorials possible. :0)