Web Developer/Graphic Artist •

San Diego, California

I am fun boisterous and loud at times,but when I have a a lot on my plate I tend to be silent and just peek around and do my own things. That doesn't mean I am ignoring you. It means I don't want to talk about drama or perks with anyone and when I straighten things out (and I do by myself,because I know I can) then I start to dig myself up.
I have access to all the adobe programs through my Creative Cloud Membership and I am self taught and love tutorials and if I am not creating or designing websites then I am usually doing a tutorial. I also do Photo manipulation,business cards ,logos , avatar art,DPs,website animations.Name it and I most likely already do it. :)
I have been so busy with other peoples websites that I haven't had time to finish one for myself,but I will soon enough and as soon as I am done I will be linking everyone to it. :)

Biker Born and Biker Bred and when I die,I'll be Biker dead