Traditions by MrLonely


by MrLonely in Photography

it's been quite a while since i last visited a traditional festival
as a child, i never loved them to be honest, too much noise, rifle shots, too much people, i never could understand or appreciate them the way my parents did, however, a couple days now, i finally understood those feelings, that love , and that appreciation
despite the nose, despite the big crowd , you get to see people who are strongly attached to traditions, that refuse to give up their beliefs and nature in the name of evolution, one might think of them as savages , yet when u talk to them u realize we are the savages! the respect , the politeness, the sweetness, the love , and the interest they show in people
you can't find that anymore
those people remind us of what we lost , or rather scarified in order to be called "civilized citizen".

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