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Mr. Dark’s Mayhem

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The Empire State Building at night:

Crimson Lust

Reserved + Selected for Crimson Lust, Vol. 1.

This is a shadowed view of the Empire State Building, with its exterior lights shining bright red at night but on a pitch black sky. A pitch black sky which is only illuminated by the lunar rays of the full moon. The shadows of surrounding buildings have made this fully-lit edifice stand above the silhouette. Yet the shadows move about in all directions. The sky is awash in a hazy mist.

Original work and characters by Jody Anthony “Mr. Dark” Thompson.

Original jewelry designs courtesy of: Mistress Enchantress.

enchantadorn on DeviantART :iconenchantadorn:




Mr. Dark’s Mayhem

Crimson Lust

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    nice work :)

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