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Welcome to Mr. Dark’s Mayhem

Ladies and gentlemen;

Welcome to Mr. Dark's Mayhem. Now, what you are about to read does will not be discussed with the outside world. You are not to mention what goes on with the outside world. Oh, no. Nothing being mentioned here is to be discussed with anyone who is none Goth, non Emo, or anti lesbian; understood. Therefore, this is a group for Goths, Emos, and Pink Rockers only. In fact, all of those who are only within the alternative community are welcome. As founder and Administrator of Mr. Dark's Mayhem, allow me to share with you a little about my special team and as well as our work. The team of Mr. Dark's Mayhem is comprised of fellow artists, and advisors, myself; included.

Now, this is my very first blog post on BlogSpot. Why am I doing this? Because, from here is where we specialize in developing our own line of Gothic erotic horror art and literature. Mr. Dark's Mayhem is the business that is the home of Crimson Lust and other works. The work itself, along with my book series, consists of Japanese anime-style drawings, erotic art horror stories; various fan art, assorted field photography, erotic and Gothic poetry, and so forth.

Now, if you enjoy some good stuff like, say: fight club, The L-Word, The original Alien films, which stared actress, Sigourney Weaver, the two original Predator films, the Resident Evil films, the Hellraiser films, Mad Lax, BloodRayne, The Slaughter, Naked News, In the Mouth of Madness, Girlfriends, any film that features female assassins and that hot new Cinemax late night erotic female killer series titled: Femme Fatales, well, women doing all the above, then I think that you, the memorable audience will enjoy what I've been whipping up.

Horror films directors and authors such as: John Carpenter, Clive Barker, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz have greatly inspired my work. I owe them a ton of credit for that. Historical drama authors, poets and playwrights such as: William Shakespeare, Anne Rice, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickerson, Sylvia Plath, Sophocles, and so forth are also inspirational idols.

And now, memorable audience let me ask you this. Are you sick tired of reading literature or watching programming where women are always being victimized by male perpetrators? Are you tired of women being treated as nothing more than the helpless timid little sidekicks or are just treated like inferior creatures by oppressive neoconservative sexist men. For those of you who enjoy porn, are you tired of big shot macho assholes who tell women how they ought’ a look like; telling them how their boobs have to look or what size they have to be to get attention.

Are you even tired of watching programming or reading literature where rich assholes turn women into skanks or gold-digging whores just like their rich boyfriends or rich husbands who are male gold-diggers? Disgusting shit; huh? Are you tired of mainstream "leave it to Beaver" type or "Brady Bunch" type bullshit; where women are the housewives? Are you especially sick and tired of mainstream Hollywood bullshit where they discriminate against lesbian actresses? Well, I sure as hell am. Therefore, I say that what the genre of erotica, porn and regular and anime movies need is purity; keeping it at gender equality and social equilibrium.

Now more of that social class bull shit. Just when those neoconservative, bourgeoisies, sexist, greedy assholes thought that they can tell people how to live their live, my only word to them is FUCK YOU! I say, fuck mainstream society. Fuck neo-conservatives piss heads, Fuck the Republican Party. Fuck the rich. Fuck all sexist asshole men.

And to those who are against lesbians and bisexual girls, and believe that women are only allowed to love men; FUCK YOU! To all of you corporate assholes who think that you can get away with abusing employees; FUCK YOU! Being a lesbian or bisexual babe is any and every girl's God-given right.

I tend to shy away from any mainstream bullshit. No more cultural stereo types. Now, there's a term that I'm sure that most intelligent people are well-familiar with. Anyway, what I mean by that term is, well…y' know someone says that all Germans are all blonde, all Irish are redheads, and all Italian-American are being mobsters. All blacks or rather, African Americans being a bunch of hoodlums. You get the idea. Don't you get sick of that shit? It sounds almost in relation to racism; doesn't it?

I mean, let's face it; the goddamned mainstream society is nothing more than a serious bitch. A majority of human beings who are all old-fashioned are all nothing but total assholes. I can certainly see as of guys like Hugh Hefner became his own boss and created Playboy as his own enterprise. The same deal with Larry Flint when he created Hustler. Mainstream Hollywood can go suck eggs and go to hell. For them, it's all about what pleases the goddamned money men.

Again, Mr. Dark's Mayhem is an independent freelance anti-mainstream + anti-conservative entertainment group which supports the Gothic, Punk, Emo, Wiccan, vampire, zombie and Lycan (werewolf) communities. That's those of us belonging to the whole alternative community. All lesbians and bisexual girls are also welcome. !8+ only. The same rule follows for other members of my team. Everyone outside the alternative community, keep out.


The Rules of MDM:
Just be sure to abide by the rules posted on watch deviation. And make sure that you acknowledge them before proceed with your visit on my page. Sneakiness is not recommended.
All artwork in the account is the property of Mr. Dark and is not to be used without permission; understood?


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Mr. Dark’s Mayhem

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These rules are very strict. There is absolutely “NO” downloading, usage of my artwork for layouts, blogs, websites, other internet banners of any kind, design posters, CDs, or books without my express, written permission. Sneakiness is “NOT” recommended. Do not use without my permission. So please respect and abide by the copyright policy.

The Rules in more detail:
One additional rule: No Neoconservative republicans or immature turds, no hip hop or country clowns, no sexists, no elitists, no fraternity or sorority types are allowed to visit.




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