Chat Zoo by MistiqueCat

Chat Zoo

by MistiqueCat in Kreativitah

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I got this req from my friends in /chat so here it is, a chat zoo :D

Almost everybody picked their own animal and here they are, from left to right

- /Ismail a.k.a. Panda
- /maria-amore a.k.a. Worm (and she's wearing her fav red shoes xD )
- /sattish a.k.a. Monkey
- /QuakerNinja a.k.a. Duck Ninja Hooker (he made this up, don't ask me lol )
- /Ozness a.k.a. Chicken
and me The Cat ( mine holds mask with Kitty as I used to draw it ^_^ )

If somebody wants to jump in there, Bear mask is still available :D

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