Meeting in the woods by Mishelangello

Meeting in the woods

by Mishelangello in Daily digital/ mobile painting

Daily Digital Painting
painted on mobile.

I meet this glowing creature at midsummer night at forest near my house…
ok I thing I need to tell all story from beginning… It was warm summer white night after some celebration of midsummer I decide to walk a little and breathe the fresh air in near wood. I love walk there daily it's such a beautiful and relaxing place. So I just walking there enjoying birds song how in some moment I saw even more bright light closing to me behind the trees. My first reaction was what the F**k who drive in the middle of now where on car, then I realized that I don't hear anything at all no bird’s song no car engine, but that light close to me very fast. When after few second standing there I tried to move my legs to go a bit side.. at that moment I realize that I can move my legs in fact I can’t move at all. It’s all feel as I was paralyze, and only my eyes was open.. Then I saw this glowing creature that in a moment he or she just stops next to me and look at me with his small dark eyes. OMG! I thing I know what at that moment was in my mind..”do I dreaming” I remember I was thinking. “This is not happening to me”
At that moment I heard words “Hello..” be continued, perhaps..

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