Last scream of spring by Mishelangello

Last scream of spring

by Mishelangello in Photography

I realize that the title of this picture show the actual end of spring in such a natural ways but in this picture I saw so much more.. the actual scream of this flower! Perhaps he or she looks a bit angry but who doesn’t when you feel for sure that end is close! You may perhaps wondering what about I talking about, again madness talk o_O
Ok I explain it to you when you look at the middle of picture what you see? Do you see the Face?!!
Yes there is a flower face perhaps its whole soul that I am accidently capture with camera! Do you see those dark a bit red places and above them the white..”small flowers” or whatever them to call.. They looks like eyes then comes nose and mouth!! Do you see it now?! And when then you look at whole flower its looks more like sweet creature then actual flower!

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