An experimental photographer that is still a novice to the media Mike has had no education in photography. It was a case of picking up a camera in 2006 and seeing what he could do with it. After many months of frustration and a complete refusal to read any manual he started to produce images that showed some semblance to many photographers he admired.

A few years later and his involvement in the newer technique of HDR photography he began to create images that had a signature of his own, this has lead to being published internationally in several magazines, in a book and covers for cd's etc. He has also gone on to win several awards in his chosen medium.

Although still not a professional he has managed to sell prints around the world and has started to become in demand for his fine art photographs.

He has started to move on to compile exhibitions as he learns newer techniques and gets to grips with the more intricate demands of the camera.

"When you see your world through a viewfinder, as an image in your mind, the world is a different one to those others simply pass through, open your eyes"