Wedding by Mike


by Mike in Journal

All we can say now is that the wedding yesterday was awesome! Here are some pictures:

The castle where we got married. Sunshine but still -6°C (that's because there were a lot of cool people) XD

Last preparations on the way to the castle.

The room in the castle where we got married. Adia, me, two witnesses, the interpreter and the officer.

Adia and me on the way out of the castle after the marriage registration.

The flower decoration of the wedding car.

Appetizer: Roasted duck with Thai vegetables. The menu included wedding soup, roasted pork with potato dumplings, roasted roe deer with cowberries and bread dumplings, and an ice-cream buffet. Later we had a midnight buffet with salmon, cheese, buns, bread, fruit, and yogurt.

A special creation between the courses: champagne jelly with a mint leaf and chili threads.

Ice-cream cake part one.

Ice-cream cake part two.

Bride and groom dancing. Check out the playlist here

Two entertainers dressed like a famous German folk combo. The real singers are actually fat like this! See them here

The wedding cake. Chocolate figures for chocolate addict Adia XD

The gift from my best friends: a treasure chest containing 10-cent coins. However, we had to work really hard to open it...

Figuring out how to open the chest.

When we arrived at the restaurant we had to hammer nails into a wood chop. Each nail that goes in straight stands for a happy year in our marriage, and each crooked nail stands for a bad year (fortunately we didn't have any crooked ones :D). What we didn't know was that my friends hid the key to the treasure chest between two slices of wood that we nailed together. So after we received the chest we had to remove the nails again with some special tools lol.

Adia and me.

Here's a selection of songs that were played at our wedding yesterday.

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