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My primary goal is that you have a great time on Shadowness, so I'll be happy to help if you need assistance with anything. Gerne auch auf deutsch!

I also take care of copyright issues and perform certain administrative duties such as suspending/deleting accounts/comments/chat messages that violate our terms of service. Moreover, if you messed up your profile page with faulty CSS code, I can edit your page and help you out directly.

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See the outcome here: /Mike/fashion-tv-photo-shoot
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  • SimplyRia


    I like your gallery

    Apr 5th Reply
  • thereallinda


    Hi, I'm having trouble uploading images to my gallery. I put up 5 images the other day. They appear in the album (Illustrations) but not on my gallery and I don't see any way to get them to show up. I also can't seem to edit anything in my settings (like change my website url, etc.). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    May 9th Reply Subscriber
    • Mike


      They don't appear in your gallery because they are marked as scraps. In the Illustrations album, click on the pictures you have uploaded recently, move your mouse over the pen icon below each picture and then in the drop-down menu select "Not scraps". Then the images appear in your gallery as well.

      May 12th Reply
    • thereallinda


      Thanks for the help, Mike. That fixed things.

      May 12th Reply Subscriber
  • apdua


    Nice Gallery!

    Nov 21st, 2013 Reply
  • Akirax14


    Michael, I have a question. Where do I go to upload a photo. I know you're suppose to make an album to upload photos but where do I go to do that?

    Oct 30th, 2013 Reply
  • Doug


    Michael, I'm having a problem uploading my photos. I can get the upload but the thing goes crazy with what appears to be every photo on the planet jumping all over the screen.The photo

    Oct 10th, 2013 Reply
  • mahore012


    Hi Mr. I have a question. Can I edit my pictures here in shadowness? I am new here :D Thanks!

    Oct 9th, 2013 Reply
    • Mike


      Here you can only upload your finished image or you can edit its description. The image itself cannot be edited.

      Oct 9th, 2013 Reply
  • AmeerKhoury


    awesome photography and works

    Oct 1st, 2013 Reply


    Thanks for following me :D!

    Mar 9th, 2013 Reply
  • BlueSolitaire


    Stupid question time. I don't know if you're one to ask about this, but how do I add different albums in my galleries? (As in, how to do edit my albums so that my photos go into let's say "photos", and my arts into "arts", etc.) Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    Feb 23rd, 2013 Reply
    • Mike


      In order to create a new album, you have enter a new album name in the "Album" field when uploading a new image. To organize your albums, go to /albums or go to your profile page and click on the "Edit your albums" button on the right, next to your profile. Then you can drag and drop to organize your photos, and you can change the name of your albums.

      Feb 23rd, 2013 Reply
  • fotovation


    oops, and the "add' as well.

    Feb 17th, 2013 Reply