Agnityr's Champion by Mephyra

Agnityr's Champion

by Mephyra in Illustrations

This painting has been in the works for about 2 weeks now, and I've been picking at it off and on until I finally finished it tonight. To be honest, I'm extremely proud of this one! This did prove to be a challenge though, because I had thought about scrapping this in the beginning when it wasn't clicking like I wanted it to...I'm just glad that I didn't, because this ended up being one of the best paintings I've ever done.

Michelle Hoefener was definitely one of the artists who influenced me to draw something like this, and Frank Frazetta influenced my way of painting. I wanted to use harsh shadows and complimentary colors in this as an experiment, and it definitely worked. :D

Anywho, this is Chelle Ar-Niril, my light elven character who is 'dragonborn'. The dragonborn are blessed with the great dragon Agnityr's characteristics, which makes her a candidate for dragon-riding. Dragonborn are also the only beings who can cast magic. She's one of the main characters in mine and my fiancee's novel that's in the works. :)

Done in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with Wacom BambooFUN tablet, 70+ hours. No references were used. © Melinda Isaacs 2011

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