Illustrator & Concept Artist •

Hamilton, USA

Hi there! My name is Melinda Isaacs, and I'm a 19-year-old Fine Arts student from Hamilton, OH, USA. I'm currently attending the University of Cincinnati as a DAAP Fine Arts student (DAAP stands for Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning), where I will be receiving my Bachelor's Degree in the spring of 2016!

I work with both traditional and digital mediums, using paints, watercolors, and fluid lines to show the importance of form in a given piece, as well as using my Wacom BambooFun graphics tablet and Adobe Photoshop to create beautiful digital works of art! I'm also an experienced webdesigner and can create gorgeous and innovative designs, while also using my extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS to code and put the design together.

At the moment, I'm working full-time as a freelance illustrator and web designer for indie bands in my area. I'm definitely open for commissions online though, so feel free to email me at to inquire about a commission! :)