Iisjah Sees the Shinies by MelMillerArt

Iisjah Sees the Shinies

by MelMillerArt in Completed Commissions

Commission for Deviantart's *Iisjah

So, this was a fun one. I love portrait commissions for the fact that all you have, really to tell a story about the character - as much as you possibly can - is a single facial expression. Then, I get handed a character as fun as Iisjah here, in all of his calamity-prone, thieving glory, and I can't help but have some fun. One thing to be known about Iisjah, I was told by his creator, Natalia, is that he is utterly enamored by sparklies. If there are shinies to be had - he's one very happy (scheming, endearingly unlucky) fellow. So, be it for me to resist showing him said shinies... and taking a "picture" of it, of course.

For progression on this piece, check out my art blog http://melmillerart.blogspot.com/


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