My First Vector by Mayumi1992

My First Vector

by Mayumi1992 in Vector x Vexel Related Arts

--> This is my first try in creating a vector... for some people who are already professionals, its just a piece of trash... but for me, i serve this as my inspiration, that i started from scratch, and now i find myself improving... if someday, i become a professional artist, this will make me remember who am I before...

Credits to:
Patrick Aldrin Almeda (Model)

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  • Mariamism


    I like that you posted this. It's always motivating to see where you started and how much you have improved :)

    Aug 24th, 2012 Reply
    • Mayumi1992


      yes! yes! it really motivates me to work harder. and really easy to compare my new works from the old ones ^^ i'm glad you appreciate it :)

      Aug 25th, 2012 Reply