Lung Cancer by MatteoGa

-This project was born from the desire to create something beautiful that can describe a social setting in an unusual way and sensitize the viewer in a friendly way. We have described and represented some diseases, modeling in Cinema 4D R14 some of the most important parts of the human body.

-The dark cloth which rests from above represents the part of the body that has been damaged. We decided to use the spheres to represent the virus that is trying to get into the bloodstream.
The texture of gold represents the value of life. We have applied to each of the key elements of each scene.

-The textures and the lights were created in V-Ray. We tried to reproduce the raw gold (its surface is imperfect as our body). Regarding the lights, we have created a softbox front and another that illuminates the scene from above.
For the final color corrections we used Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Project by Matteo Gallinelli & Giuliano Antonio Lo re

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