She's coming after you by Manwathiell

She's coming after you

by Manwathiell in Photomanipulations

I had lots of fun doing this! The model's attitude was inspiring and what I would expect from a female Vampire Regent: somewhat aggressive and sensual.

Some interesting details about vampires I found on the internet:

Powers: In all of monsterdom, none is more feared than perhaps the Vampire Regent. Vampire Regents need only to catch the gaze of their intended victim for a few seconds, for their mesmerism to take effect. Victims bitten by a Vampire Regent would fall under its immediate control; a helpless servant. Some Vampire Regents (...) are able to summon fog.
Flicker: (...) To “flicker” red is a definite warning that mortal combat is potentially eminent, (...) to “go solid red” (glowing) means that the fight response has been engaged— (...) However, to “flicker” in the presence of a lover during a seduction is a compliment and cue to the level of arousal in effect…

I hope you enjoy my version of how a female vampire looks before drinking someone's blood . And for those that love blood and gore and distroyed bodies... I'm not the one to follow! :no

CREDITS with my thanks to these amazing stock providers!!

Model: by Marcus Ranum (Website:
Hair brushes: , and and a lot of painting with 3 & 1 px round brushes.
Backgrounds: and
Arch: by me ;)
Vampire eye:
Tutorial for red eye:
Eyelash brushes:
Necklace Medallion:
Necklace details: and painted
Monster hands:
Torch: Lighting Pack 1 (torch002) - deviations removed
Green lights: (mixed with Filter/Render clouds).
Bats: and
Crow: Crows-Pack by Superior-Stock at dA (no deviations available)
Plants (bottom):
Plants (top):

My special thanks to Alosa at dA, who told me which tools I should pay attention to when I asked about her amazing light effects. I did some research (videos and internet tutorials) that were of great help to improve.

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