Montevideo, Uruguay

Married, 51 years old, 2 children and owner of a family business.
Photography and working with Photoshop are hobbies. In 2011 my life went through some changes that took every free second I had, meaning I had little to no time to do what grew to be real passions.

In 2012 I will do an effort to save at least some hours for myself to be able to remember what I forgot about PS and taking pictures... and create again. In the meantime, whatever I share will be old works that I hope fit the standards of Shadowness.

I love to browse galleries and I'm very selective and honest when it comes to follow an artist due to my lack of time. That is also why I won't probably send "Thank you" messages for being followed, but please know that I will be honored of every single follow I get. And I will be thankful!

When a work touches me, comments flow and there's nothing I can do to stop my fingers from writing a comment to the artist. There I always try to let them know what exactly made me favorite his/her work and what is special about it, or what it made me feel.

Constructive critiques and advise are always welcome! It was thank to them that I could improve from nothing to something acceptable :) !

I speak Spanish, English and German... and some Portuguese.

Let's enjoy art !!

Manny :)