treasure seeker ashkii by by Mangakasan

treasure seeker ashkii by

by Mangakasan in sculptures

Treasure Seeker Ashkii (native indian for boy XD) is an OOAK sculpture and will stay in my possession, tho in July i will open up for sculpting commissions so if interested keep an eye out on my journal around that time

Ashkii (i called him Bob previously) is a project i started for a sculpting tutorial, you can find the first part here [link] The next part of the sculpting tutorial in which the sculpting process is portrayed will be up soon

Ashkii's tack is completely removable from his body and all the items on the tack (bags/rope/butt piece) can also be removed separately.


*iron wire/aluminum foil/tape for armature
*Clays: super sculpey and sculpey firm for the jaguar, Kato poly clay for the little bags and decorations on the butt piece
*Tack: used various fabrics/strings and leathers for it which i glue together with super strong fabri-tac glue, used iron wire for all the buckles.
*Painted with Acrylic paint (eyes/spots/accessories on tack) pastel dusted 20+ layers as base color for the jaguar, used little bit of bronze pearl-ex on the bags.
*finishing touches: 3d lacquer on eyes and nose/lips to make them look shiny/wet synthetic hairs for the wiskers

Hours taken for this project everything included 80+ hours

If interested in seeing some progress pictures of past works and future work visit my FB page as i post regular wip pictures there

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