pave low the gypsy stalli by Mangakasan

pave low the gypsy stalli

by Mangakasan in sculptures

And here is Pave-low a Irish cob/gypsy vanner/Tinker ( i swear this breed has to many names XD) stallion. I have a weak spot for heavy horses and have special memories of this particular breed as my childhood friend used to own one (a black and white one named Rowdey) Whenever i was at her place we used to ride her Tinker all the time or hang about his stable *oh such lovely memories* Anyway i wanted to make a reddish version as you see the black and white ones very often but this breed comes in so many colors and pattern variations
It's the first time for me doing a more challenging pose and i'm quite happy how he came out (tho he's not perfect and still has minor flawsXD) and that he was able to stand by himself in the end

Pave-low is an OOAK sculpture i sculpted with polymer clays (super sculpey + Sculpey firm) over an armature wired base. He's got self made resin eyes embedded and was painted with acrylic's and pastels, i used Tibetan lamb hair for his manes/tail and feathering.
Over a 100 + hours was put into this guy over a month time.

Art and photo's by me

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