ooak astarte guardian of by Mangakasan

ooak astarte guardian of

by Mangakasan in sculptures

Astarte was a commission for WhereRosesGrowWild (da) I was so trilled when i got to see her sheet she is such a beautiful character! So naturally i had a lot of fun creating her *btw Luz is such an awesome person to work with and so patient too*
Astarte is a one of a kind, no molds were taken so she wont be reproduced.
I created her with sculpey clay and apoxy sculpt over a wired frame, her eyes and orb are cast from resin (tho the orb looks a bit weird as it was terribly hard to cast something solid with an object inside *flower*) She was painted with acrylics/pearl-ex and pastels and i used tibetan lamb fur for her neck, she measures 5 inches from chest to bum.

Character belongs to WhereRosesGrowWild (DA)
Sculpted/painted by me

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