materializing  ooak syrr by Mangakasan

materializing ooak syrr

by Mangakasan in sculptures

Syrr is a OOAK sculpture and was Commissioned by Bondagefox, I had a blast sculpting/painting this guy tho he was quite the challenge to make, i reinforced all the fragile parts (mainly the goop at the bottom) with apoxy sculpt so now the goopy bids are slightly bendable, fitting all the eyes in (nearly 20) was quite a puzzle aswell as he is only 4 inch XD But never the less i love how he came out!

Sculpted over an wired/foil armature, i used a mix of sculpey clays and apoxy for reinforcing fragile parts, he's got nearly 20 eyes inserted which were al hand made (casted in clear resin) and painted with acrylics (they also glow in the dark including his green paw pads, i still have to make photos of that and put them on facebook later) he was painted with mixed mediums o.a acrylics, pastels and pearl ex, he has many layers of fixate and varnish and the bottom side was glazed to make it look wet and goo-ish and finally his whiskers were made from an old paint brush XD

Character and design belongs to Bondagefox (DA)
Sculpted/painted/photographed by moi

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